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I'm a young artist that gets alot of inspiration but forgets to put it in action most of the time.


tumblr n66d4mTDSo1ql8z5so3 500 zps83cf2b40 by evangeline16williams

tumblr inline oatw5wbJh31uq89rd 500 by evangeline16williams


"What the hell." thought Peter not believing what just happened.
"I can here your thoughts Peter, believe it or not, the answer's no." said Charles. 

A few minutes earlier, Peter sped in to Charles' office with heart in his hand to ask him a very important question and Charles flat out turned him down like it was nothing.

"P-Professor.." started Peter but Charles cuts him.

"My answer's not changing until the day I die, tough luck, but no still means no."

"Come Charles, at least think about it." said Hank trying to help Peter out but Charles refused to change his mind. 

Before anything else happened, (Y/n) came walking in.
"Hey guys, what's going on?" She asked.
They said Hi back but (Y/n) sensed the tension in the air and went towards her boyfriend to give him a kiss on the cheek, which made Charles very irritated.

(Y/n) noticed and said, "Come on Dad, at least try to acknowledge the fact that Peter and I've been together for years and have no plans of breaking it off."
"I have and I don't like it." said Charles.
"He's a pain in the ass."

Peter looked at him in disbelief, not believing he's hearing. Charles Xavier, one for equality in humans and mutants, is not even treat him like either one.

"Screw it!" yelled Peter, "I hate to do this Professor but you left me no choice."

Charles glared at him and (Y/n) looked confused at what was happening here. Before anything, Peter grabbed (Y/n) sped out of the room with her. Charles tried tracking them but Peter was too fast for him.

"Give it up Charles," said Hank, "You know you cant control what happens next."

~At the Park~

It took a bit for (Y/n) to adjust her vision due to Peters sweeping her away like that, despite having done that before countless times. Her vision cleared and saw herself in a park, underneath a tree away from other people.(Y/n) was very confused on why she was here and then felt shocked to see Peter on one knee in front of her.

"(Y/n), before I met you, I was never interested in a relationship. I thought those things were too slow for me and not worth it, until I met you.." started Peter.
(Y/n) listened while tearing up a little.
"Everything about you is different from everyone else and that makes me love you. You're the only one worth slowing down for," said Peter getting out the ring, "(Y/n) Xavier would you be willing to change your last name to Maximoff?"

"Yes!" yelled (Y/n) before jumping in to his arms.
Peter laughed and placed the ring on her finger before giving her a big kiss.

~The wedding~

It was Peter and (Y/n)'s wedding day and everyone was there to see them get married, everyone except Charles. (Y/n) was upset because of it and the wedding was almost beginning.

"Dad, where are you?" asked (Y/n) mentally.
"You know I don't approve of this." said Charles mentally.
"I know but the least you can do is show up and walk me down the isle." replied (Y/n) mentally.
"Alright." said Charles behind her.

(Y/n) turned and looked down to see her Dad in the wheelchair looking up at her. She smiled and bent over to hug him and he hugged her back.
The wedding was starting and everyone was getting in to position. (Y/n) began walking down the isle with Charles holding her hand and rolling beside her.

"I love you Dad." said (Y/n) mentally as she was walking.
"I love you two sweetheart." replied Charles mentally.

Peter smiled as (Y/n) made it to him and the wedding got started.

"You're still a pain in the ass." said Charles mentally to Peter.
"Rude." thought Peter.

Katana and Harley by evangeline16williams
Katana and Harley
I have not seen the movie and I don't intend to either, but making these girls on this game was something I wanted too.

I own nothing!

CharlesRaven by evangeline16williamsCharles by evangeline16williams

Charles' POV~

    Fine. Everything was fine in the beginning.
I never minded the men who trailed behind her now and then, I knew they never really matter to her, until you came along. And we fought like it was some silly game , knowing I would win at the end.  

After all those years, I would've never dreamed I'd lose.  

  I knew from the moment I found her in my kitchen that she and I would be close, even If I caught her stealing from me the first time we met. 

 Whether with Blue skin with red hair or White skin with blonde hair.

I still can't believe so many years passed by since we parted in Cuba. From childhood, Oxford, Graduation to being a Professor for Mutant at one time .

Then there was you, Erik Lehnsherr, who I believed to be a potential ally and friend. I believe you thought the same after some time. 

Yet at the end, he betrayed me.
And she left with you.

Yet how am I furious at you and I still think of her as my younger sister?

Now who am I without her? Charles Xavier? Professor X? She 's gone now and I've had to be there for every other mutant who needed my help. Now that's all gone too due to the war.

You've won Erik Lehnsherr, you have her and now she's gone.

It's over isn't it?
So why can't I move on?
Charles and Raven: It's over, isn't it? Songfic
I was watching Steven Universe and heard this song so I wrote a songfic with Charles and Raven, since it fits the both of them in a way.

Second Pic:… 
Charles Xavier, Raven Darkholme and Erik Lehnsherr belong to Marvel/Fox.
I own nothing!
I know I haven't been posting that much lately but I'm gonna try and post as much as I can before summer is over. I'm going to college pretty soon so I'm gonna even be more busy. You'll probably here from me a little less, But I won't stop posting.
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